Our Partners Help Us Drive Innovation

At Flywheel we believe that in order to make a great product, you need great people, and great partnerships.

Cloud Advantages

Build, innovate, and scale with mixed private and public cloud deployment.

Compute Power on Demand

The cloud allows you to near infinitely scale your compute power with the click of a button. Running extensive data analysis that used to take days or weeks, now takes just minutes.

Scalable Cloud Storage

Our tightly integrated storage system can handle anything from a few gigabytes, to petabytes of your important data.

Lower Capital Costs

On premise storage and compute can be incredibly costly, both in hardware and maintenance expenses. Dynamically scale your data storage and compute.

Reduced Dependency on IT

Never worry about system reliability again. You have a team of engineers and scientists from across the world dedicated to your Flywheel site running at peak performance.