Flywheel Launches Enterprise-Scale Medical Imaging Solution for Life Sciences

A digital transformation is underway in the Life Sciences and organizations are motivated to reduce R&D costs, improve operational efficiencies and shorten drug development timelines. To be successful, these organizations need to cost-effectively leverage high-quality data for the exploration of new solutions and reuse data collaboratively within data science & research teams. However, traditional R&D infrastructures are insufficient for large-scale data collection, complex data validation, automated quality controls, and scaling processing (and AI) pipelines.

Improved Collaborative Workflows with Custom Roles and Permissions

Flywheel is committed to provide customization tools for a secure, collaborative workflow. Previously, Flywheel offered fixed, predefined roles and permissions for administrators to match to site users and project collaborators. Now, administrators can have complete control over user permissions and defining roles for projects using a simple interface.

New Web DICOM Uploader with Configurable De-Identification

Flywheel has extended the functionality of the Web-based DICOM Uploader in version 11.2 to support configurable rules for de-identification at the project level. With the new Web Uploader, users have an easy to use, zero-footprint solution for remote data collection with the ability to de-identify data in the browser, before upload to the Flywheel system.  De-identification rules may be specified to meet the specific needs of any project, ensuring that PHI protocols are adhered to from the point of data ingestion.  

Flywheel Wins Minnesota High Tech Association 2019 Tekne Award for Cloud Computing 

Flywheel, a cloud-based biomedical imaging research platform, was awarded the 2019 Tekne Award in the Cloud Computing category by the Minnesota High Tech Association.  The Tekne Awards, announced on Wednesday, September 20th, recognize companies bringing innovation to Minnesota’s science and technology industry. 

High Performance Computing (HPC) with Flywheel

Flywheel now provides additional support for customers’ existing infrastructure and workflows with two significant advances.   

Flywheel Introduces New Advanced Search

Flywheel augments its fast, powerful search tool with the introduction of Advanced Search, providing users the ability to construct complex queries and quickly pinpoint the data they need. When this feature is introduced, find Advanced Search by hitting ‘Enter’ in the Search Bar and clicking  ‘Advanced Search’.