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A Medical Imaging Data Platform for Machine Learning

Accelerate your medical AI development with Flywheel, the comprehensive platform that standardizes data curation for AI with processing, medical image annotation, and machine learning workflows.

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Faster Time To Market With Streamlined Data Management

Flywheel is a comprehensive AI development platform for machine learning that allows you to standardize data curation and automate machine learning pipelines. Unleash a full range of research data technology and professional services to help you eliminate inefficiencies in data management.

Solutions for AI Developers

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Data Curation for AI Development Image Processing

  • Capture multi-modal imaging, medical image annotation, and related data
  • Automate quality and pre-processing workflows
  • Run advanced pipelines, including algorithms from the Gear Exchange
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Machine Learning Workflow

  • Eliminate inefficiencies in data management and curation with automated labeling and classification
  • Manage and use training data sets with existing ML platforms
  • Automate model training to streamline development
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Translational Testing

  • Streamline data collection with PACS and instrument integration
  • Deploy models and generate reports for clinical evaluation
  • Ensure HIPAA, GDPR, and IRB compliance with de-identification, audit trails, provenance, and approval workflows
Anisha Keshavan

“As a data scientist, I understand how hard it is to build an infrastructure to manage complex medical imaging data and I am so happy to have found a company like Flywheel who has already figured it out. I used to spend so much of my time aggregating, curating and organizing data, but now, with Flywheel, I can focus on interpreting data and statistics to improve our product offerings for clinicians and ultimately enable them to make better treatment decisions for their patients.”

Anisha Keshavan

Senior Data Scientist, Octave Bioscience

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