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Flywheel is an enterprise imaging research data & AI platform that powers collaborations and enables complex research data sharing

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Satisfying the NIH data-sharing policy is only the beginning.

Streamline data management and sharing with tools that help optimize the value of medical imaging.

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For informatics leaders

Your institution’s data is an asset that can power new healthcare discoveries. But to do that, data has to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable—and the process to make it so needs to work at scale. Flywheel gives you tools to automate FAIRification, and to tailor how you share data to both satisfy sharing mandates and retain control over valuable data and IP.

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For principal investigators

Flywheel was built by and for researchers to facilitate compliant collaboration, data sharing, and reproducibility. We can help you check “DMS plan” off your to-do list, and then go further to accelerate your research with tools for automating curation, computational pipelines, and more.

“Flywheel has really been a game changer for us. Our vision for the future is entirely founded on team science and collaboration, which can get tricky without robust infrastructure and appropriate technology. Flywheel has been a one-stop shop solution to provide this technology.”

Michael Yassa, Ph.D.
Director of the Translational Neurobiology Lab at the University of California, Irvine

Webinar: Data Sharing and Reuse for Healthcare Innovation

Preparing for the NIH Mandate and Beyond

Get insights from Flywheel’s Medical Director and Chief Strategist on the challenges associated with data sharing—particularly complex data like medical imaging. Then learn about systems that institutions are putting into place to facilitate data management and sharing, including cost-effective storage options.

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Data Management and Sharing in High Gear

There are three ways you can securely share data using Flywheel:

  1. Use our integrated publishing tools to post data to NIH-supported domain-specific and generalist repositories
  2. Post eligible data for free via the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program
  3. Provide access to vetted collaborators while retaining full control of your data


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Built for Image Sharing and Collaboration

  • Ensure data privacy with configurable de-identification, and use built-in screening tools for missed PHI and PII
  • Leverage Flywheel Data Exchange, our catalog of pre-curated datasets
  • Easily harmonize data for sharing according to specialty standards (e.g. BIDS) and FAIR Principles

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