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Life Sciences

Inside the Mind of a Data Scientist: Anisha Keshavan

If you’re curious about how Flywheel’s openness and extensibility can come to life in the hands of a power user, don’t miss this chat with Anisha Keshavan, senior data scientist at Octave Bioscience. Anisha talks with Travis Richardson, Flywheel’s chief strategist, about how she has applied Flywheel to accelerate Octave’s work in care management for multiple sclerosis. Anisha and Travis discuss:

  • Approaches for handling messy, real-world data
  • Building custom viewers
  • Anisha’s creative integrations of Flywheel with PubMed, Plotly Dash, and Asana
  • How Flywheel has simplified Octave’s collaborations with partners
  • And more


Anisha Keshavan, PhD; Senior Data Scientist, Octave Bioscience

Travis Richardson, Chief Strategist, Flywheel