We’re passionate about accelerating research and collaboration in top institutions

Flywheel is the leading research data platform that provides all the tools needed for data curation, image processing, machine learning workflows, and secure collaboration. By leveraging cloud scalability and automating research workflows, Flywheel helps organizations scale research data and analysis, improve scientific collaboration and accelerate discoveries.

The idea for Flywheel was initiated at Stanford University out of the need for a better way to carry out advanced medical imaging research. The Flywheel system was developed to capture images from MRI scanners, easily organize and curate those images, and integrate them for computation and sharing. Flywheel offers comprehensive solutions for life sciences, clinical research, imaging research, and AI developers.

Our Values

Flywheelios share these four values, and we use them to recruit, review, recognize, and reward across our organization. They reflect how we show up and interact when we’re at our best, and are a tool to help steer us back on track when we’re not. If you recognize these values in yourself, we’d love to see your resume.

Go Steady with Levity

The alchemy of effective teamwork happens when we each take ownership of both the menial and the magical every day. We’re serious, but never stuffy. We keep our cool under pressure because we assume best intentions and maintain perspective. This allows for true teamwork, with a dash of irreverence.

Figure It Out

We’re obsessed with uncovering the why of any given. Having an open mind allows us to be quick to fail and quick to adapt. We relentlessly pursue continual improvement through learning and imagining new possibilities.

Work Better Together

We are tenacious and united in our pursuit of solving our customers’ biggest challenges, and no challenge is too big. Diverse backgrounds across our team make us more effective as we listen, absorb, collaborate, and iterate to innovate.

Give a Shit

We’re fueled by grit, boundless energy, and a deep belief that we are doing cool shit. We don’t hesitate to stand up and speak out because we trust that through tough, honest discourse we can drive change and make a real difference for our customers and our mission.

We’re Distributed

Flywheel’s team is distributed, with employees across the US (and an international handful as well). We’re highly collaborative via Slack and Google Meet. Employees located near Minneapolis are not required to work out of our headquarters, but those who do find it well stocked with snacks.

Want to join our team?