Powerful Research Informatics Platform


Automate data capture from imaging modalities, including raw data and custom reconstruction, and load historical and peripheral data, with an extensible data framework for supporting any additional file types such as genomics and pathology data.


Manage data for greater productivity with support for data classification, labeling, extensible metadata, automated quality controls, visual inspection, and powerful search, all in a research project structure and workflow that supports imaging research and machine learning.


Automate pre-processing, quality controls, and pipelines using containerized applications. Exploratory development, external processing, and integrations are enabled through powerful command line tools and SDKs. Provides complete provenance for reproducible science.


Host data and algorithms together in an easy to use web-based solution for secure sharing with internal and external collaborators. Flywheel provides enterprise security integration, access controls, and HIPAA compliance for clinical applications.

Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid Deployments


Strategically position yourself for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Prepare your current and historical data for AI and machine learning. Seamlessly organize, classify, and label your training data with Flywheel's easy-to-use platform.


Work in a collaborative environment with built in data privacy and HIPAA compliant security

The demand to share your data is increasing, so is the demand for security and regulatory compliance. Flywheel helps you accomplish both.


Performance and scalability with low cost cloud storage and compute ability

Flywheel's strategic partnership with Google Cloud Platform takes the burden off you for realtime scaling, impenetrable data security, de-identification, and privacy management.

Trusted by industry leading organizations

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