Flywheel CEO Travis Richardson will be presenting at the Workshop on the Future of Medical Imaging: Sensing, Learning, and Visualization at Stanford University

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Provide a cloud-scale collaborative research platform. Supporting breakthrough research and precision medicine.


Deliver bioinformatics leadership. Supporting researchers, imaging center directors, and principal investigators.


Connect the world's best minds to data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in one easy-to-use platform.

Improve multi-modality research efficiency

Flywheel saves time and improves efficiency for researchers by automatically capturing data from multi-modality imaging (e.g., MR, CT, PET), including raw data and custom reconstruction, with an extensible data framework for supporting any additional file types such as genomics and pathology data.

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Manage Data for High Profile Publications and Grants

Manage data for greater productivity with support for data classification, labeling, extensible metadata, automated quality controls, visual inspection, and powerful search, all in a research project structure and workflow that supports AI and machine learning.

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Build confidence while analyzing big data

Flywheel increases confidence for researchers working with big data by automating pre-processing, quality controls, and data analysis pipelines delivering complete provenance for reproducible science.

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Prepare your research for major publications

Securely share data and algorithms with internal and external collaborators for high profile publications and grants. Flywheel provides enterprise security integration and access controls that meet security and reporting requirements. (e.g. HIPAA, ISO certification)

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Trusted by industry leading organizations

Columbia University, Flywheel and Google team to create a cloud-based MRI Research Center

Columbia University’s Magnetic Resonance Research Center will connect five New York City biomedical imaging facilities to share data in order to advance basic and translational research.

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