One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Flywheel offers solutions for mission critical research applications, including:

Imaging Centers

Delivering a modern imaging center experience for researchers.

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Clinical Research

Maximize the value of clinical data for research, machine learning, and precision medicine.

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Life Sciences

Secure data collection and collaboration for multi-site studies and clinical trials.

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The informatics platform of choice for imaging researchers

Flywheel is a proven research solution for projects large and small, offering unmatched:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Openness and Extensibility
  • Price to Performance Ratio
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Trusted by top research institutions

The Researcher's Platform for Data Management, Analysis, and Collaboration

Flywheel helps you manage and optimize your entire research workflow.


Streamline data capture from any source

  • Imaging Instruments
  • Clinical PACS / VNAs
  • Any Research Data


Get control of your data organization and quality

  • Proven Project Structure
  • Extensible Metadata
  • Powerful Search


Automate image processing & machine learning workflows

  • Automated pipelines
  • Labeling & training workflows
  • SDKs & Open REST APIs


Empower secure collaboration and sharing within your institution

  • IRB Compliant Project Models
  • Easy to use Web UI and APIs
  • Data privacy & access controls

Scale Your Machine Learning Workflows

  • Labeling & Image Annotation
  • Training and Test Workflows
  • Data Privacy & IRB Compliance

Leverage the Power and Scalability of the Cloud

  • Scalable, High-Performance Data Storage
  • Elastic Compute Scaling
  • Unmatched Price to Performance Ratio

Secure and Regulatory Compliant

  • HIPAA and GDPR Compliant
  • IRB Compliant Project Model
  • Secure Accesss Controls & Encryption

Partnered with Google for cloud-scale clinical research and machine learning

Our strategic partnership with Google combines Flywheel's powerful research platform with Google's Cloud Health infrastructure to deliver cloud-scale solutions for clinical data governance, research, and machine learning.

Clinical Data Access

  • Google Healthcare API
  • De-Identification

Big Data Analytics

  • BigQuery
  • Genomics API
  • Data Studio

Machine Learning

  • Labeling & Image Automation
  • Training & Test Automation
  • AutoML & CloudML Engine
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