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Modern AI Deployments for Advancing Patient Outcomes

Leveraging A Purpose-Built Informatics Platform

As AI (artificial intelligence) developers near the inflection point where they will outgrow the methods used to commercialize their algorithms, they often realize they need a professionally developed technology platform that is economical, scalable and customizable. They want a solution that can help them achieve gains in accuracy, efficiency and productivity and be used by all team members across R&D, engineering, data science, clinical support and regulatory departments.  

Subtle Medical found such a solution in Flywheel, a research data management platform supporting accelerated R&D, data curation, clinical validation and regulatory clearance for new algorithms. Subtle Medical, founded out of Stanford University, develops vendor-neutral AI-powered software solutions that improve image quality on regular and accelerated image protocols, allowing radiologists to expedite patient care. They have a robust product pipeline of new deep learning-powered technologies to expand on the success of their industry-standard SubtlePET™ and SubtleMR™  software. 

Recently, Subtle Medical has focused on the next phase of transformation in radiology:  End-to-end AI deployments by combining image processing upstream of post-acquisition clinical workflows. Next-level workflow pipelining requires a platform such as Flywheel which is capable of ingesting and curating large amounts of data from multiple sites globally, in the same environment where scientists and developers test and train models and combined workflows. 

“Adoption of AI in clinical practice is completely dependent on the ability of AI developers to efficiently access, curate, and process data. As innovative companies such as Subtle Medical develop the next generation of AI tools, data platforms such as Flywheel will be necessary to enable the scalable, customizable operations required to meet their development and regulatory objectives,” Can Akgun, Senior VP of Business Development.  

“We are pleased to partner with Flywheel to support us in accelerating our R&D, data curation, clinical validation and regulatory clearance for our new and future algorithms, said Dr. Ajit Shankaranarayanan, Chief Product Officer at Subtle Medical.  “They are a key partner that will help us advance our technologies and increase access to providers and patients worldwide.”

Together, Subtle Medical and Flywheel are advancing technologies and methods for developing AI that are geared towards improving patient outcomes and increasing the level of care universally.