OneMedNet Partners with Flywheel to Provide Leading Healthcare Imaging Data and Data Management Solutions

Minneapolis, MN – May 16, 2022 OneMedNet Corporation, (“OneMedNet”) the leading curator of regulatory-grade imaging Real World Data (“RWD”), today announced a joint referral partnership agreement with Flywheel, the leading data management platform for biomedical research and collaboration.

The referral agreement creates a unique partnership in the healthcare data space, offering pharmaceutical companies, Imaging AI developers, device organizations, Clinical Research Organizations, and core labs access to OneMedNet’s de-identified clinical images and associated patient data, and Flywheel’s comprehensive research data management solutions.

“Our partnership with Flywheel will allow companies and research institutions to accelerate their healthcare data needs, whether for our imaging real world data or for customers seeking to transform productivity and collaboration in imaging research, clinical trials, multi-center studies and machine learning,” said Paul Casey, CEO of OneMedNet. “Our two companies offer robust solutions in the data healthcare space, and this collaboration aligns with our mission to create safer and more intelligent care solutions for patients, providers and hospitals.”

Jim Olson, CEO of Flywheel, added, “OneMedNet is ahead of the curve when it comes to providing fast and secure access to high-quality medical images, and our partnership is a synergistic fit for our research data platform and Flywheel Exchange, our new global network for data sharing and analysis. Most importantly, the agreement benefits our customers who can leverage our combined solutions to advance their imaging research drug discovery and AI development.”

About OneMedNet Corporation

Founded in 2009, OneMedNet provides innovative solutions that unlock the significant value contained within the clinical image archives of healthcare providers.  Employing its proven OneMedNet iRWD™ solution, OneMedNet securely de-identifies, searches, and curates a data archive locally, bringing a wealth of internal and third-party research opportunities to providers.  By leveraging this extensive federated provider network, together with industry leading technology and in-house clinical expertise, OneMedNet successfully meets the most rigorous RWD Life Science requirements. For more information, please visit

About Flywheel

Flywheel is the revolutionary research data management platform powering healthcare innovation by accelerating collaboration, enabling machine learning, and streamlining the massive task of data aggregation, curation and management. By leveraging cloud scalability and automating research workflows, Flywheel helps organizations scale research data and analysis, improve scientific collaboration and accelerate discoveries. Flywheel offers comprehensive solutions for life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and clinical research. Flywheel is headquartered in Minneapolis and has offices in the Bay Area, St. Louis, and Budapest. For more information on our mission and products, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.