Flywheel for neuroimaging research

Data management born in a neuroimaging lab

Find out how Flywheel is accelerating breakthroughs for neuroimaging researchers

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Gear up your neuroimaging research

Flywheel Core was built to help researchers centralize imaging and associated data, standardize curation, streamline computation processes, and ease collaboration. We’re deployed around the world, helping neuro researchers:

  • Assess medical images at scale
  • Manage neuroimaging data at terabyte and petabyte levels
  • Facilitate machine learning
  • Collaborate between disciplines, teams, and institutions
  • Ensure reproducibility
  • Advance precision medicine
  • Reduce IT hurdles
  • Integrate modalities

See How Neuroimaging Researchers are Getting More Done with Flywheel

How Flywheel accelerates neuroimaging breakthroughs

  • BIDS conversion & curation
  • BIDS Apps (MRIQC, fMRIPrep, etc.)
  • Support for MRI, CT, PET, EEG, digital pathology, and more
  • Robust viewer features; streamlined annotation and segmentation
  • Centralized multimodal database
  • Easy conversion of DICOM to NIfTI
  • More than 50 Gears—standardized plug-in applications—specifically for neuro research functions
  • Extensible by design, with open architecture for access by any platform
Magnetic resonance imaging - MRI - Photosensitive Epilepsy / Seizures - Neurological Diseases

Integrated BIDS Support

Work seamlessly with BIDS standards. Flywheel offers tools for import, curation, viewing, BIDS apps, and sharing BIDS-curated data. See our webinar on automating BIDS workflows in Flywheel.

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