Flywheel and Mint Medical Announce Collaboration to Expedite Research and Clinical Trial Workflows with Enhanced Oncology Imaging Solution

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – July 8, 2024 – Flywheel, the leading medical imaging data management and artificial intelligence (AI) development platform, today announced its collaboration with Mint Medical, a medical technology company providing advanced software to foster data-driven radiology. This collaboration between Flywheel and Mint Medical provides academic medical centers, cancer research institutes, oncology consortiums, and pharmaceutical companies with a streamlined integration between the platforms to enhance data management and analysis across multiple sites and trials.  

The combined capabilities of both platforms expedite oncology research by enabling efficient data access, curation, analysis, annotation and model development in one unified experience. Organizations will now have a cohesive oncology image analysis workflow that enables the curation of the structured data from mint Lesion within Flywheel’s robust data management platform, ultimately accelerating tumor detection, enhancing oncology research and improving treatment planning. 

The Flywheel platform provides an infrastructure to securely manage imaging data while facilitating automated, scalable workflows to increase research capacity and accelerate AI/ML development. The collaboration provides data liquidity for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as healthcare researchers, enabling them to leverage the rich data generated from clinical trial site reads in downstream analysis and AI development. 

“Structured, longitudinally acquired imaging data is a cornerstone of precision medicine. Imaging data is what fuels the AI and machine learning pipeline, unlocking the potential to revolutionize healthcare,” said Matthias Baumhauer, CEO Mint Medical. “mint Lesion is built for the very purpose of transforming image pixels into structured data that can be universally shared and analyzed. The curation of data-rich mint Lesion image evaluations into Flywheel’s platform will accelerate discovery of new frontiers in diagnosis, treatment and contribute to improved patient outcomes.” 

Mint Medical’s radiology software platform, mint Lesion, is the pioneering software solution in the field of standardization of radiological reporting and context-driven structured reporting. mint Lesion links image viewing, guideline compliance and data generation to enable the systematic, standardized capture of quantitative data, including its context. Mint Lesion is used daily for clinical routine and cancer trials worldwide to monitor tumor progression and automate analysis of tumor volumes.  

“Together, Mint Medical and Flywheel offer unparalleled efficiency and innovation in oncology medical imaging research and clinical trial workflows. By integrating mint Lesion’s advanced radiological analysis capabilities with Flywheel’s robust imaging data management and AI platform, deeper insights may be extracted for individual patients and across patient populations – ultimately accelerating drug discovery, driving towards personalized healthcare and improving patient outcomes,” said Shelby Wyatt, Vice President of Global Pharma Strategy & Field Application Science at Flywheel.  

Through their collaboration, Flywheel and Mint Medical offer a transformative approach to medical research, particularly in the field of oncology. By curating highly organized and enriched imaging data, they lay the groundwork for comprehensive registries and for significant advancements in drug development and repurposing.

About Flywheel 

Flywheel is the pioneering medical imaging AI platform powering healthcare innovation through streamlined data management, curation and analysis. Flywheel helps organizations turn complex imaging data into analysis-ready datasets for accelerated research and AI development. Flywheel offers comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, providers, payers, system integrators, AI developers and academic medical centers to realize optimum value out of their data assets. Flywheel is an Invenshure-founded company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information on our mission and products, visit or follow us on  LinkedIn and X

About Mint Medical 

Mint Medical, a Brainlab company, is a Heidelberg-based medical IT company focused on radiology software solutions used in clinical routine, clinical research and clinical trials worldwide. mint Lesion, the company’s core product, is intuitive software for standardized and computer-aided radiological and clinical data analysis according to defined protocols, guidelines and workflows. The certified medical product is used by (university) hospitals, cancer centers and private practices, contract research organizations (CROs), and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Visit the Mint Medical website and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more information.