Redefining your research PACS

It’s more than a research PACS. It’s Flywheel.

With tools for data discovery, data management & curation, flexible access, and computation, Flywheel goes far beyond other imaging informatics platforms to accelerate your research.

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Unlock more value from your data

Flywheel is made to go further than a typical research PACS—giving you tools to leverage more data types, more collaboration, more advanced workflows, and more processing power.

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Data Discovery

  • Index data from PACS, VNAs, and radiology reports without creating copies
  • Utilize a dynamic search and analytics dashboard for cohort discovery
  • Create and export de-identified patient cohorts
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Data Management

  • Combine clinical and academic research data
  • Leverage multimodal data—DICOM, non-DICOM, pathology, genomics, and more
  • Reference data in place without duplicating it
  • Utilize advanced search across metadata, including all data from post-processing and integrated applications
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Data Curation & Access

  • Organize based on research workflows; manage by Cohort, Site, Group, User, Project, etc.
  • Manage access for clinical and non-clinical users on a project basis
  • Access tools for secure multi-center collaboration
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Data Processing & Computation

  • Integrate processing & computation with over 100 containerized algorithms & apps
  • Access open APIs and SDKs to integrate with outside applications, including external viewers
  • Ensure provenance & reproducibility with features including logs, input/output indexing, and algorithm versioning

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