Flywheel Unveils SaaS Platform for Advancing Medical Imaging AI at Scale

MINNEAPOLIS — (November 21, 2023) — Flywheel, the leading medical imaging artificial intelligence (AI) development platform, today unveiled the launch of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Flywheel Core. This solution, evolved from the company’s managed service that has been available since 2015, will advance medical imaging AI/ML model development for Flywheel users across the healthcare ecosystem. 

Flywheel accelerates the management, curation, and analysis of medical imaging data to extract and mobilize valuable insights that advance personalized care, clinical research, and real-world evidence. Flywheel Core seamlessly integrates with Flywheel Discovery to build patient registries, which can be further enhanced with integrations for multimodal cohorting to connect medical images and reports, and with Flywheel Exchange to provide access to curated, ready-to-use imaging datasets. Together, these solutions accelerate the end-to-end research and AI workflow for biopharma companies, life science organizations, healthcare providers, and academic medical centers. 

Medical imaging data makes up approximately 80-90% of all healthcare data, but there are long-standing barriers to unlocking the powerful insights trapped in medical images. Flywheel’s partnerships bolster its enterprise-grade platform for medical image curation, AI-assisted annotations, and model development at scale to empower clinicians in tracking disease progression, help better inform treatment plans, and accelerate R&D for drug therapies. NVIDIA MONAI accelerated AI workflows for AI-assisted annotation and scalable training are available through NVIDIA AI Enterprise and are integrated with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Flywheel users are able to rapidly build AI models right from within the web application, using embedded Jupyter Notebooks that researchers already actively use. As new models and AI techniques emerge, Flywheel keeps AI research and imaging data management on the cutting edge.

Flywheel Core is initially available as a multi-tenant environment on Microsoft Azure and as a private deployment across major cloud companies. With Flywheel’s cloud-native modular platform, customers can rapidly onboard and pay for the functionality they need with minimal IT investment. 

To learn more about Flywheel Core, visit the company’s exhibit for a demo at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago in booth No. 4170, McCormick Place, South Hall A. 

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About Flywheel

Flywheel is the pioneering medical imaging AI platform powering healthcare innovation through streamlined data management, curation and analysis. Flywheel helps organizations turn complex imaging data into analysis-ready datasets for accelerated research and AI development. Flywheel offers comprehensive solutions for pharma companies, providers, payers, system integrators, AI developers and academic medical centers to get optimum value out of their data assets. Flywheel is an Invenshure-founded company headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices in the Bay Area, St. Louis, and Budapest. For more information on our mission and products, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.