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Advancing R&D by Incorporating Medical Imaging at Scale

Medical imaging holds a wealth of valuable data that can power R&D. Fully taking advantage of imaging data has been historically challenging due to the required expertise in the field, in conjunction with a lack of comprehensive tools that can scale the utilization of data curation and computation processes. However, in today’s landscape, we are seeing accelerated innovation via extensible tools that help unleash the power of medical imaging data.

Get insights from experts with histories in big pharma, imaging CROs, and academia. They’ll discuss:

  • Fundamentals of how medical imaging data can be utilized in R&D

  • Strategies for organizing and re-purposing legacy data

  • Scalable management of complex data; and successes in life sciences


Elif Sikoglu, Senior Director, Life Sciences Solutions

Costas Tsougarakis, Vice President, Life Sciences Solutions

Michael Perry, Vice President, Scientific & Customer Solutions