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Accelerating Production-Ready AI with the University of Wisconsin Radiology, NVIDIA & Microsoft

While the majority of the FDA's approved AI tools are in the field of radiology, getting access to large volumes of imaging data remains a barrier to the future development of generalizable AI models. Imaging exams are unorganized, unlabeled, and locked away in physical drives. Fortunately, the landscape is changing with the rapid growth of applications that streamline image processing, interpretation, and the development of production-ready AI. In this webinar, Leverage Imaging Data to Accelerate Your Path to Production-Ready AI, leaders from Flywheel, NVIDIA, and Microsoft discuss the underlying infrastructure enabling unified data management and AI-driven patient screening with Dr. John Garrett, Director of Informatics in Radiology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Watch this webinar to learn how the UW Department of Radiology has:

- ingested, indexed and processed 5 million clinical studies to unlock additional health insights for personalized patient reports

- scaled the use of opportunistic screening to catch and score patient risk and improve predictive models at the population scale, through a multi-center, international consortium

- tracked the ROI and time to value of newly deployed AI models and quickly iterate with clinician feedback