Jim Olson, President & COO


Jim Olson is President & COO of Flywheel, a biomedical research informatics platform leveraging the power of cloud-scale computing infrastructure to address the increasing complexity of modern computational science and machine learning.

Jim is a “builder” at his core. His passion is developing teams and growing companies.  Jim has over 35 years of leadership experience in technology, digital product development, business strategy, high growth companies, and healthcare at both large and startup companies, including West Publishing, now Thomson Reuters, Iconoculture, Livio Health Group and Stella/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

Mr. Olson is also an angel investor, active in the startup community supporting teams with passion and focus.  Jim serves on boards, both for-profit and not-for-profit, helping drive visions forward.

Flywheel specializes in imaging research applications and provides a comprehensive software platform for data and metadata management, automation and scaling of image processing and analytics, and secure, regulatory-compliant collaboration.  The company offers solutions for imaging core facilities, multi-center studies, and clinical imaging research applications. Flywheel customers include leading research institutions, research hospitals, and pharma.

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