The Researcher's Platform for Data Curation, Analysis, and Collaboration

Flywheel offers comprehensive data management solutions for researchers seeking to transform productivity and collaboration in imaging research, clinical trials, multi-center studies and machine learning.

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The Biomedical Research Data Platform

The Flywheel platform provides end-to-end solutions to streamline data ingest from multiple sources, curate it to common standards, automate processing and machine learning pipelines and provide for secure collaboration in life sciences, clinical, academic, and AI organizations. Flywheel provides your research team with:

  • Cross-platform data and algorithm interoperability
  • Secure and compliant data discovery across a global network of collaborators
  • Cloud scalable and on-premise computational workflows for research and clinical applications


Streamline capture of any data including imaging,
EMR, digital pathology, omics, and more

Manage Any Medical Data

Flywheel is a data curation platform designed for multi-modality research. It supports and manages a wide array of data types including imaging files, digital pathology, clinical EMR data, omics, instruments and more. Flywheel can also integrate data from external research platforms so that all of your data can exist on one platform. Users have the option to add custom data types via Gears and viewers as well.

Automate Data Capture

Flywheel enables rapid and automated data capture for both retrospective and prospective data utilizing connectors for imaging modalities, PACS, RIS, raw data, or file system. The platform also offers tools for high performance bulk loading and a simple drag-and-drop web-upload via your web browser with no software installation required.

Configurable De-Identification

Flywheel offers solutions for HIPAA, GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data management. With configurable de-identification capabilities available through all capture tools, you can set unique whitelists, blacklists, and other rules (remove, replace, date processing, etc.) to ensure that your data is regulatory compliant and ready for research. Additionally, we support de-identification prior to upload or between projects in Flywheel to meet the specific privacy needs of your project.


Organize, label, and annotate images and
data for search and reuse across your institution

Extensible Research Data Model

Flywheel provides a standardized research data model to keep you organized and consistent but also offers the extensibility to meet the needs of any project. Your data is organized by groups, projects, and subjects with full support for longitudinal studies. Custom metadata allows you to add metadata to any object in Flywheel for maximum flexibility.

Image Annotation and Labeling

Flywheel offers an integrated radiology-grade viewer with support for persistent, searchable ROIs. We support blind reader studies with customizable labels and annotations and task assignment workflows. You can also customize forms in the viewer for clinical data capture, measurements and workflow status.

Quality Controls

Flywheel’s data curation platform offers a rule framework to automate quality assurance through Gears. Our configurable data validation tools ensure that data is complete, with visual indicators to ensure visibility when project data is not consistent. Additionally, our integrated viewers support quick visual inspection so you can minimize the time you spend validating the data.

Powerful Search

All metadata in Flywheel is automatically indexed and available for our powerful search tools. Flywheel interfaces with the PACS and RIS to index DICOM metadata and enable streamlined discovery of patient cohorts. Users may write complex queries in SQL-like language or use a query builder. Search results can be saved to collections and ML training sets for processing and analysis.


Automate and integrate image processing pipelines,
machine learning workflows, and analytics

Automated Pipelines

Flywheel automates data pre-processing workflows and analytic pipelines via standard container-based applications (Gears). With our system, you are able to create your own unique gears or accelerate your deployment with ready-to-use applications from the Flywheel Gear Exchange. This container-based approach facilitates handling large batch processing workloads with Flywheel’s elastic compute scaling.

SDKs and Open-rest APIs

Flywheel provides open APIs and SDKs to enable rapid integration with existing tools and pipelines. All capabilities of the Flywheel system are available via a published REST API and SDKs for leading scientific languages including Python, MATLAB, and R. This allows you the freedom to maintain your team’s workflow while also utilizing the power of the Flywheel system.

Tabular Viewer

Flywheel enables rapid selection of metadata and data for use in reports and analysis through Flywheel Views. Our tabular viewer allows you to choose data/metadata fields, review selected outputs, and export for manual external analysis. Views can also be saved and are accessible via SDKs for use in tools such as Jupyter Notebook, R studio, and MATLAB.

Provenance for Reproducibility

Flywheel records derivative information when Gears are run to support the consistency and reproducibility of your project, including version, inputs, status, and outputs. This provenance makes it easy to ensure that all necessary processing steps were performed and performed consistently.


Empower secure collaboration and sharing while
ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance

Data-Privacy and Access Controls

Flywheel’s secure, access-controlled projects allow for data and algorithm sharing with internal and external collaborators. Manage privileges with a role-based permission model to ensure that only approved collaborators can access and modify data.

Multi-Site Security

Our federated identity service makes it easy to invite external collaborators to your Flywheel project while ensuring proper security. Flywheel’s data curation platform is integrated with research access federations featuring 4000 leading research institutions around the world to simplify user authentication. The federations include InCommon, EduGain, OrcID, the Australian Access Federation, and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Flywheel’s secure projects enable you to manage collaboration in compliance with IRB, HIPAA, and GDPR. Our re-identification tools allow you to identify and purge data for research subjects if requested. Our audit trails, digital signatures, and approval workflows ensure tracking and authorization.

Radiology-Friendly Interface

Flywheel provides radiologists with a lightweight, HIPAA-compliant solution for deploying algorithms into hospital workflows, so researchers can run advanced models at scale on patient data and bring diagnostic analytics into patient treatment.

Do Science, not IT

Comprehensive Managed Service

Flywheel software is delivered as a managed service so you can focus on your science.

  • Installation and maintenance
  • Ongoing monitoring and administration
  • Software Updates
  • Training and Support
  • Public Cloud or Private Cloud Deployment
  • … and much more!

Flywheel fits into any workflow

We've built a suite of products and integrations to deliver the best experience possible for our users.

Web Based UI

Flywheel’s easy-to-use web based interface is a powerful and robust system for working with and managing your data.

Powerful SDKs

Flywheel offers SDKs (Software Development Kits) to suit your project’s needs including MatLab, R, and Python support.

Open APIs

Take advantage of our open source APIs to build your own tools and integrations, for truly infinite options for your research.

Integrated BIDS Support

Work seamlessly with BIDS standards. Flywheel offers tools for import, curation, viewing, BIDS apps, and sharing BIDS-curated data. See our webinar on automating BIDS workflows in Flywheel.

Flywheel Gear Exchange

Gears are ready-to-use plug-in applications that automate routine tasks, including metadata extraction, classification, quality assurance, format conversion, and full analytic pipelines. See over 70 plug-in algorithms available on the platform.

Extensible Open Science Architecture

Flywheel’s easy to use web-based data curation platform and powerful SDKs (Software Development Kits) along with our open source APIs allow you to build your own tools and integrations and fit the platform into any workflow.

Automated Connectors


Web Client


Python SDK



Search Engine

Metadata Database

Compute Management


Cloud or On Premises Deployment