Streamline data capture from any source

  • Imaging Instruments
  • Clinical PACS / VNAs
  • Any Research Data


Get control of your data organization and quality

  • Proven Project Structure
  • Extensible Metadata
  • Powerful Search


Automate image processing & machine learning workflows

  • Automated pipelines
  • Labeling & training workflows
  • SDKs & Open REST APIs


Empower secure collaboration and sharing within your institution

  • IRB Compliant Project Models
  • Easy to use Web UI and APIs
  • Data privacy & access controls

Comprehensive Managed Service. Do Science, Not IT.

Flywheel software is delivered as a managed service so you can focus on your science rather than supporting IT infrastructure

  • Installation and maintenance
  • Ongoing monitoring and administration
  • Software Updates
  • Training and Support
  • Public Cloud or Private Cloud Deployment

Key Features

PACS & Instrument Integration

Flywheel automates data capture from PACS systems, instruments and file systems with the option to de-identify data before it leaves the local network. Resulting data is routed directly to your project saving you time

Extensible Data Type System

Flywheel can handle any file-based data including imaging, EEG, pathology, genomics, or any other file types. Users may add new data type support with metadata capture and viewers via gears and viewer plug-ins

Fully Indexed Search

All metadata in Flywheel is automatically indexed and immediately available for search. This includes image headers as well as any external data, such as from REDCap, that you sync into Flywheel

Extensible Metadata

Flywheel supports extensible, user-defined metadata on any object in the system including projects, subjects, sessions, acquisitions, analyses, and files so you can customize any project to meet your needs

Secure Collaboration

Flywheel projects enable you to manage collaboration in compliance with IRB and consent constraints. Include only the data allowed. Invite only the approved collaborators.
Manage privileges with secure access controls.

Elastic Compute Scaling

Flywheel automates scaling of large computational workloads by dynamically allocating and deallocating compute resources based on demand so you can run as much work as possible in parallel to save time.

Automated Pipelines

Use Flywheel's gear rules and session templates to automate quality assurance, preprocessing, and pipelines. Users may create their own application plug-ins (gears) using standard Docker container-based applications.

Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

Flywheel helps you manage data privacy and regulatory compliance with integrated de-identification - Remove & replace tags, offset dates, remove PHI in Images via Plug-ins, and manage Master Subject Codes for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Flywheel fits into any workflow

We've built a suite of products and integrations to deliver the best experience possible for our users.

Web Based UI

Flywheel's easy-to-use web based interface is a powerful and robust system for working with and managing your data.

Powerful SDKs

Flywheel offers SDKs (Software Development Kits) to suite your project's needs including MatLab, R, and Python support.

Open APIs

Take advantage of our open source APIs to build your own tools and integrations, for truly infinite options for your research.

Flywheel Gear Exchange

Flywheel offers a library of ready-to-use pre-processing and pipeline applications to help you speed deployment of your projects.

  • Metadata capture
  • Format conversion (DICOM to Nifti, etc.)
  • Open source tools (FSL, Freesurfer, ANTS, etc.)
  • Full Pipelines (HCP Pipelines, etc.)
  • Optionally build and share your own gears
Machine Learning Ready

Flywheel helps you manage and automate machine learning at scale, partnered with Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft.

  • Labeling and image annotations
  • Select and manage training data sets
  • Automate training workflows
  • Deploy models for translational testing
  • Partnered with Google Cloud Platform
Comprehensive BIDS Support

Flywheel helps you leverage Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) standards for collaboration and sharing neuroimaging data.

  • Automated curation
  • Import and export BIDS
  • Run BIDS Apps as Gears
  • View data in BIDS format

Technical Architecture

Automated Connectors

Command Line Interface






Application Server

Search Engine

Metadata Storage

Compute Management

Data Storage Providers

(File system, object storage, DICOM server, etc.)

Cloud or On Premises Deployment