Michael Perry

Vice President, Scientific and Customer Solutions

Michael is Vice President, Scientific and Customer Solutions at Flywheel, where he leads teams whose mission is to advance science by helping researchers accelerate their work. Michael earned his degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He joined the Wandell Lab at Stanford University in 2007, where he worked on a variety of research projects that utilized a combination of psychophysics, quantitative imaging, diffusion imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging, and electrocorticography. During the latter stages of Michael’s career at Stanford his focus shifted to the development of software for the analysis of neuroimaging data, and development of a computational infrastructure for research. Michael was part of a team involved in designing SciTran, an open source, web-based, software suite engineered to enable and foster reproducible research through data management and provenance tracking. SciTran was the core of the infrastructure that later became Flywheel.