Daniel Marcus, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer and Board Observer

Dan Marcus is the Chief Scientific Officer of Flywheel and a Professor of Radiology at Washington University, where he is Director of the Computational Imaging Laboratory. He is the author of over 100 publications on topics ranging from scientific databases to automated brain network analysis and tumor segmentation. Dan has led the development of a number of high impact informatics and computational platforms in support of biomedical imaging applications across many disease areas. His work includes creation and ongoing direction of the open source XNAT platform, the Human Connectome Project Database, and the National Cancer Institute’s Integrative Imaging Informatics for Cancer Research (I3CR) program. Dr. Marcus was also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Radiologics, Inc., which developed cloud-scale imaging informatics services for clinical trials and AI-powered patient diagnostics. Radiologics was acquired by Flywheel in 2021. He is a Co-Founder of Sora Neuroscience.

Dan continues to provide leadership and technical insights across a broad swath of biomedical research. He is the director of Flywheel’s clinical division and federated data network. His passions include automated tumor quantification, brain health characterization, and database design for complex data. When not doing science, Dan can typically be found traveling to the mountains with his family, watching tennis or a ballgame, or chasing his dog down the damn street.