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Life Sciences

Tackling the Challenges of Imaging-Based AI in Pharma R&D

See how Flywheel’s platform enables AI in pharma R&D for smarter use of large volumes of imaging & delves into the unique challenges in handling and curating data for model creation.

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This white paper explores the crucial role of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the pharmaceutical sector. The paper delves into the unique challenges faced in handling and curating large volumes of imaging data for AI research and how to address these obstacles. By streamlining workflows, ensuring secure data management, and offering collaborative support, Flywheel empowers researchers to accelerate drug development and unlock valuable insights from existing data. This white paper is essential reading for pharmaceutical professionals seeking to leverage AI effectively, streamline processes, and drive innovation in drug discovery and development.

  • Securely manage and share sensitive medical imaging data, ensuring compliance and privacy.

  • Save time and increase productivity with streamlined workflows for AI pipeline development.

  • Overcome technical challenges with expert support for data cleaning and ingestion.

  • Stay at the forefront of AI technology by accessing pre-prepared solutions and ready-to-use datasets.