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Drug Discovery & Development: Accelerating R&D with FAIR data

The ideas of the FAIR data principles can bring value to life sciences companies with vast archives of proprietary data. For example, a pharma company may expect that its data will always stay within its own walls. But effective management and reuse of data can have dramatic benefits within the enterprise. By applying FAIR to leverage data assets already in their archives more efficiently, organizations can empower their R&D teams and drive faster innovation.   

Read thoughts from Jim Olson, CEO of Flywheel, in Drug Discovery & Development.

“Leveraging these concepts can help enterprises establish a single source of truth for data and metadata within the organization. Accomplishing this objective can provide researchers with a central repository from which they can easily reference data. Compare this concept with today’s typical practice for leveraging imaging data, in which a data scientist has to write a SQL script to submit to a CRO or an internal information security group. After that, the data scientist must wait weeks to receive their requested data. ”

Read the full article to learn how to effectively leverage archived data for machine learning and create a single source of truth for rich, diverse information at scientists’ fingertips.