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Enabling enterprise-scale cohort discovery and analysis

Flywheel Discovery is a cohort discovery tool that provides a searchable, web-based data mining and analytics environment for indexing and cataloging your enterprise imaging archive.

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A powerful data discovery tool for exploration and analysis of imaging data

Flywheel Discovery interfaces directly with PACS and VNAs to index DICOM metadata. This powerful tool creates a catalog of searchable data and enables streamlined discovery of patient cohorts and analysis of trends within the imaging enterprise.

Clinical PACS or VNAs


  • Index Patient Data
  • Create De-Identified Cohort
  • Export for Research

EMR / Other
Data Files





Machine Learning

Multi-Center Studies

Improved Means of Care

A cohort discovery tool that streamlines workflows

  • Clinical Research and Imaging Research Icon
    Automatically index and archive every DICOM in the imaging archive
  • Machine Learning Icon
    Create dynamic search and analytics dashboards to support research cohort identification and retrieval
  • Compute, AI Developers and Machine Learning Icon
    Enable data provisioning for research in an automated, streamlined workflow
  • AI Developers and Machine Learning Icon

    De-identify clinical data to ensure regulatory compliance and data privacy


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