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We have joined forces to create the only global network for biomedical research and collaboration.

Expanded Research Data Management Solutions

Flywheel has acquired Radiologics and now offers an expanded suite of comprehensive data management solutions with support for open source through global enterprise offerings.

By joining forces with Radiologics, Flywheel will offer increased capabilities, including:

  • Cross platform data and algorithm interoperability
  • An accelerated roadmap of new features and tools
  • An expanded network with more opportunities for research collaboration.
  • Secure and compliant data discovery across a global network of opted-in innovators
  • Cloud-scalable and on-premise computational workflows for research and clinical applications
  • Imaging informatics services and support around the XNAT platform
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New Features and Solutions

The Flywheel platform is evolving to include the capabilities of existing Radiologics products and together we will offer new expanded solutions for academic researchers, clinical researchers, life sciences organizations and AI developers. These solutions include:

  • End to end data management solution for clinical trials
  • New workflows to deploy AI algorithms into practice
  • Capabilities to more easily create patient cohorts and analyze relevant data for specific projects

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Questions You Might Have

What is the benefit to my research and the broader research community in your coming together?
By coming together, we offer the only biomedical research platform that can connect any organization or data set across academia, life sciences, clinical, and medical AI. You will see an accelerated list of new features and tools and a much expanded network with more opportunities for research collaboration

What new functionality will I get from Flywheel?
Flywheel is working to incorporate Radiologics capabilities and evolve our offerings to include new expanded solutions for academic researchers, clinical researchers and life sciences organizations. These solutions include end-to-end data management for clinical trials, functionality to deploy algorithms into hospital workflows, and the ability to index DICOM metadata and easily create patient cohorts.

What does this mean for users of the open source XNAT platform? How do you plan to support the open source community?
Open source is a very important part of the overall vision of Flywheel and we are fully committed to supporting the open source community. As we combine our teams and technologies and move faster, we will have more code contributions and more engagement with the community.

I work at an institution with some groups or departments using XNAT and others using Flywheel. What does this mean for us? Can we share our data and projects across these groups now?
We are working to integrate the platforms and provide new functionality for users to opt-in to share project information across XNAT and Flywheel sites. We envision this as a great way to discover data across your research network and identify potential collaborators for projects. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming months.

Where can I learn more about new product features and functionality?
Look for announcements on Flywheel’s Blog and Support web pages

How will current Radiologics customers be supported?
Radiologics customers will continue to receive support for their current services. Over time, the Radiologics platform will evolve into a unified Flywheel platform, which will be rolled out to the Radiologics user base in a seamless fashion.

I have questions about my Radiologics instance. Who do I contact?
Please direct questions to

I am a Flywheel customer and have questions about how this impacts my experience. Who do I contact?
Please contact your sales rep directly or email and we will be in touch with you to answer your questions.