Web Application Features

Get to know the main features that make Flywheel's web application stand out. Designed so you can focus on science, not IT.

Instrument Integration

Flywheel can automatically pull data from various modalities while de-identifying data before it leaves the local network. Your data can then be easily accessed via our friendly user interface or  CLI. 

Fully Indexed Search

All metadata in Flywheel is automatically indexed and immediately available for search.  This includes any external data, such as from REDCap, that you sync into Flywheel.

Comprehensive BIDS Support

Automatically convert your data into a standard structure for sharing data and applications called BIDS.  

Powerful File Metadata

Flywheel automatically captures and curates all of your metadata. Through our easy to use UI you can add varying types of custom metadata.

On Demand Scalable Compute

Flywheel can scale your compute pipeline dynamically both in the cloud and on prem.

Machine Learning Ready

Flywheel prepares your current and historical data for machine learning by seamlessly organizing, classifying, and labeling it.

Powerful Data Processing

Convert your reusable software components into what Flywheel calls "Gears" to process your data all within Flywheel.

Automated Research Pipelines

Use Flywheel's gear rules and session templates to automatically schedule and execute your quality assurance and data preprocessing.


Strategically position yourself for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Prepare your current and historical data for AI and machine learning. Seamlessly organize, classify, and label your training data with Flywheel's easy-to-use platform.


Work in a collaborative environment with built in data privacy and HIPAA compliant security

The demand to share your data is increasing, so is the demand for security and regulatory compliance. Flywheel helps you accomplish both.


Performance and scalability with low cost cloud storage and compute ability

Flywheel's strategic partnership with Google Cloud Platform takes the burden off you for realtime scaling, impenetrable data security, de-identification, and privacy management.

Our integrated OHIF viewer streamlines your daily workflow

Quickly review your scans within Flywheel's platform with our OHIF viewer. Easily add annotations, take measurements, and qualify your scans right inside Flywheel.

Take control of your data using our powerful search

Flywheel automatically captures and indexes all of your extensible metadata for an advanced easy to use search.

Powerful Clients and Tools

Flywheel is a versatile, customizable platform. Our integrated web-based UI is just one of the ways you can take control of your data.

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