Supporting compliant clinical data ingestion and trial data management

Flywheel Trial Flow is a scalable data management and workflow solution to efficiently and securely access, process, analyze and share imaging and associated data for clinical trials and other research requiring 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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An infrastructure supporting clinical and research data management workflows

Flywheel Trial Flow provides clinical workflow data management, including file capture and verification, integration with clinical data, automation of image processing routines, and comprehensive audit trails across all data elements and user actions. Data from Trial Flow can move into Flywheel Enterprise, a platform for optimized research workflows, machine learning and exploratory analysis.

Shows data from study sites, CROs, and real world data going into Trial Flow to be captured, curated, and quantified. An arrow points to a regulatory submission icon, as well as to the Flywheel Enterprise product for machine learning, drug discovery, and exploratory analysis.

A data management tool to enable imaging data in multi-center clinical trials

  • Secure web-based data transfer for all modalities and imaging formats.
  • Extensible case report form templates with programmable edit checks.
  • Connectivity with your preferred imaging workstations.
  • Electronic signatures, role-based access controls and data locking capabilities.
  • Detailed logging of data access.
  • Study site monitoring and site query interface.
  • Automated container-based image processing and analysis for data quality in clinical trials.
  • De-identification support for imaging data, including configurable pixel anonymization.

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Flywheel Trial Flow

Flywheel Trial Flow, a clinical trial data management system, can optimize data management for clinical workflows requiring 21 CFR Part 11 compliance while integrating with Flywheel Enterprise to manage research projects needing iterative development, machine learning workflows and collaboration.

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