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Clinical Research


Automatically import multi-modal images and data formats into Flywheel

Flywheel automates data capture from imaging modalities, provides tools for loading historical and peripheral data, and has an extensible data framework for supporting any file type.


Introduce standardized hierarchy with powerful metadata and indexed search

Flywheel manages your files in a research hierarchy, captures metadata associated with your managed files and makes it indexable via our search, and can import/export into a BIDS format.


Run scalable automated analysis and processing on your data using Gears

Flywheel supports your computational workflow by automating QA processing, supports custom applications and pipelines, allows for exploratory development in an SDK, and captures your analyses in a provenance for better reproducible science.

What's a Gear?

Share your data and work together, with regulatory compliance built in

Flywheel hosts your algorithms, data, and processes in one central HIPAA compliant location where you can easily share with external collaborators and set role-based security and permissions.

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