Our Solutions

Clinical Trials

Streamline Data Collection, Processing, and Sharing for Clinical Trials

  • Multi-Site Data Collection
  • PACS, EMR, & EDC Integration
  • De-Identification
  • Quality Controls
  • Automated Pre-Processing & Pipelines
  • Secure Projects w/ Access Controls
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Machine Learning

Maximize Value of Clinical Data with Scalable Machine Learning Solution

  • PACS & EMR Integration
  • Labeling, Classification, and Image Annotation
  • Manage Training Data Sets
  • Automate Training Workflows
  • Deploy Models for Translational Testing
  • Provenance to Support Regulatory Approvals
  • Security & Data Privacy

Imaging Research

Improve Research Productivity, Secure Collaboration, and Reproducibility

  • PACS & EMR Integration
  • Metadata Management w/ Search
  • Quality Controls
  • Automated Pre-processing & Pipelines
  • Customization via APIs, Python, & Matlab
  • Provenance
  • Secure Collaboration

Research Data Governance

Scale access to clinical imaging data while ensuring data privacy, security and regulatory compliance

  • PACS & EMR Integration
  • De-Identification Workflow
  • IRB-Compliant Projects
  • Manage IRB and Patient Consent Constraints
  • Secure Access Controls
  • Research Workflow Automation
  • HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

“Flywheel is moving us into a new generation.  We’ve drawn significantly more value and insight from every project.  It brings us together across the world and even our own separate labs.  Our research is instantly reproducible.”

Brian Wandell, Ph.D.