Realize Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Flywheel offers a scalable research informatics platform to meet the challenges of enterprise digital transformation. With unique strengths in medical imaging, the Flywheel platform offers a comprehensive research data solution addressing curation, quality, analysis, machine learning workflow, and secure collaboration. Flywheel helps you achieve the scalability, productivity, and data quality needed to meet your strategic R&D objectives.

Data is the Key to Life Sciences R&D

A digital transformation is underway in life sciences and organizations need access to high-quality data. Flywheel, a research data platform, can help organizations improve R&D efficiency and scale machine learning workflows so innovative new therapies can be delivered to the market faster.

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Life Sciences Applications

Imaging Research

  • Manage multi-modal imaging and related non-imaging data
  • Automate and scale image processing pipelines
  • Customize and integrate easily to meet project specific requirements

Machine Learning

  • Streamline data curation and labeling
  • Orchestrate image annotation and blind reader studies
  • Automate ML workflow with comprehensive provenance

Clinical Trials

  • Simplify secure data collection from research partners and CROs
  • Ensure data privacy and compliance
  • Maximize data value by making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reuseable (FAIR)

Your Strategic Partnerfor Life Sciences Research

Flywheel delivers a full range of research data management technology and professional services to help you execute your R&D strategy.

Maximize the strategicvalue of your data

Make your data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) to maximize leverage and value.

Professional services with acollaborative approach

Flywheel professional services help you speed deployment and integration to meet your critical schedules.

Enterprise class solutionand scalability

The Flywheel platform brings proven scalability to meet the needs of any enterprise, whether large or small.

Take Command of Your Imaging Research Workflow


Capture diverse multi-modality data while ensuring data privacy

  • Imaging Data
  • Non Imaging Data
  • Configurable De-identification


Curate data to a common standard to ensure quality and support reuse

  • Labeling & annotation workflows
  • Extensible metadata framework
  • Powerful, multimodality search
  • Quality controls


Automate pre-processing and analysis at scale in the cloud

  • Image Analysis
  • Biomarker Quantification
  • Synthetic Controls


Work in access-controlled projects to ensure compliance

  • Data and algorithm sharing
  • Secure projects with access controls
  • Extensive Provenance for reproducibility and regulatory approvals

“Flywheel is moving us into a new generation.  We’ve drawn significantly more value and insight from every project.  It brings us together across the world and even our own separate labs.  Our research is instantly reproducible.”

Brian Wandell, Ph.D.