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[Listen] Enterprise-Scale Imaging Data Science: Future-Ready Strategies

Healthcare institutions hold petabytes of data that can be leveraged to power innovation—if the right framework is in place. Listen in on our 2022 RSNA panel discussion among experts in data science, governance, hardware, and software to learn how cutting-edge organizations are building smart data frameworks to meet researchers’ needs. Beginning at the first point of data capture, and continuing through to computation and collaboration steps, the right strategies can fuel data set creation, data use and reuse. But without these elements in place, researchers and institutions will struggle to efficiently take advantage of their data.

Our panelists discuss:

  • Common barriers to success in enterprise data science
  • Governance strategies to help standardize data collection and use across an enterprise
  • Informatics tools that facilitate machine learning and AI
  • Treating institutional data as an asset, and realizing value from it
  • Going beyond the enterprise to access and share data at a regional, national, or global scale


  • John Garrett, Ph.D.; Director of Informatics; University of Wisconsin Department of Radiology
  • Krishna Juluru, M.D.; Director of Radiology Informatics, Faculty Radiologist; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Brad Genereaux; Global Lead, Healthcare Alliances; NVIDIA
  • Dan Marcus, Ph.D.; Chief Scientific Officer; Flywheel