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Data Management

Leveraging Imaging AI for Pharma Breakthroughs: What’s Next?

Imaging AI is currently fueling clinical trials and a multitude of other pharma research endeavors. But without smart strategies and the right datasets, organizations can waste time and resources on underperforming models. The near future will bring unprecedented access to datasets, and forward-thinking research organizations are taking steps now to lay foundations that position them to take advantage.

Our speakers discuss:

  • Common stumbling blocks to machine learning success
  • How to automate data management practices and better apply data science talent
  • How pharma organizations can leverage data already within their archives for training
  • New tools for discovering external, diverse datasets
  • New methods for compliant collaboration and AI training on real-world data


Dan Marcus, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Flywheel

Brad Genereaux, Medical Imaging Alliance Manager, NVIDIA