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Insights on Research Data Management

Activating Medical Imaging in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Medical imaging is often underserved by data lake architecture. Without proper labeling, the contents of an imaging data set, from the therapeutic areas to the number of patients, can take months to uncover. 

In this conversation, hear from two industry experts with experience in imaging strategy and advanced analysis across large biopharmaceutical organizations and CROs. They discuss challenges they have faced in managing imaging and efficiently gathering meaningful insights from disjointed data sources, as well as solutions to these problems. 

They tackle common scenarios, including: 

  • Poring over unorganized data for post-hoc radiomics analysis 

  • Verifying data transfer from clinical research partners 

  • Coordinating with colleagues on project manifest versions and changes 

  • Preventing data multiples and tracing the path of model development across systems 

There are modern solutions to address these data challenges. In this talk, you’ll learn about medical imaging platforms that enable scientists to curate data for searchability, query data in place, collaborate in real-time, and track provenance to minimize code “archaeology”. Hear concrete examples of radiology read workflows that invite specialists and trained contributors to a unified platform to annotate data so sponsors can maintain control over their data and costs. 


  • Shelby Wyatt, PhD;  Vice President - Global Pharma Strategy & Field Application and Science 

  • Mike Maker; Associate Director, Field Application Science