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Flywheel Streamlines Imaging Clinical Trial Workflows

Flywheel provides an enterprise-class research data management platform that can simplify secure data collection from research partners and contract research organizations (CROs), curate the data to common standards, run computation and analyses at scale, and accelerate collaboration with partners while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Simplify Data Collection and Ensure Data Quality

Flywheel can ingest data from diverse sources and is designed to handle historical clinical trial data as well as active data collection from multiple sites across universities, hospitals and partnering CROs.  It supports and manages a wide array of data types including imaging files, digital pathology, clinical EMR data, and omics, and can integrate with instruments  and external platforms as well. 

Flywheel’s data management platform offers tools for high performance bulk loading with automated file organization in addition to customizable workflows for labeling and annotating clinical images.  Flywheel’s data quality controls are designed to meet the unique demands of multi-site and multi-modal data collection and ensure quality, consistency, searchability, and easy reuse of data across your trial sites.    

Automate Image Processing Pipelines and Analysis

Flywheel can automate the aggregation of data from multi-center studies and clinical trials into a shared project for centralized processing. Automation of  pre-processing workflows and analytic pipelines for imaging data is done via standard container-based applications (Gears). This facilitates the seamless integration of previously developed workflows into the Flywheel system as well as optimized sharing of workflows across sites. Flywheel’s comprehensive provenance makes it easy to confirm that all necessary processing steps were performed and done so consistently.  

Secure Collaboration

Data in Flywheel can be accessed via an easy-to-use web interface using your organization’s credentials. Access to data is controlled through role based permissions to ensure you and your research team have the appropriate level of access to view, edit, and analyze data. Our federated identity service makes it easy to invite external collaborators to your Flywheel project while continuing to ensure proper authentication. Flywheel’s integrated de-identification tools are configurable by site and available within all data capture points, allowing for  de-identification prior to upload or between research projects.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

In addition to being fully HIPAA, GDPR and IRB compliant, Flywheel can also support projects requiring 21 CFR 11 compliance.  Flywheel provides the ability for comprehensive change logging, digital signatures, and approval workflows as well as enabling secure submission of data to the FDA.  With integrated de-identification, provenance and audit trails, Flywheel ensures data privacy, audit readiness and regulatory compliance.    

To learn more about how we can help you streamline your clinical trial workflows, contact us or request a demo.