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Authentication Options Streamline Secure Multi-Site Collaboration


Flywheel offers a variety of authentication options through custom integrations with institutional and social identity providers, including enterprise LDAP,  SAML and OAuth. Flywheel's support for federated identity management allows you to connect to collaborators at different institutions and streamline deployment.

Flywheel users are advancing science through collaboration in multi-site studies. Complex imaging data requires intuitive data sharing tools. Flywheel offers support for easy data transfers via command line tools and the DICOM Web Uploader. Data can be standardized for a study with consistent quality control pipelines using Flywheel Gears. Users at different sites can access data, metadata, algorithms, and results via a secure web interface. 

With the increased need to collaborate, researchers are still challenged by authenticating users from different sites. Instead of creating new credentials for every external user,  you can now experience a streamlined process in Flywheel.

Easy Multi-Site Collaboration

Flywheel is participating in a global identity federation network of roughly 4,000 leading research institutions, allowing authentication via each user’s own institutional credentials.

To further streamline deployments and increase security, Flywheel is using Auth0 and CILogon to manage and harmonize authentication parameters across federation members as well as custom enterprise connections.

Flywheel site admins can control which institutions are allowed to authenticate. Users at a remote site log in with their official credentials and site admins have further control over a user’s project-level permissions.

Streamline deployment and integration

Flywheel’s expanded authentication options reduce the time of integration at your site and will add to your customization options. Please reach out to with any questions about this service.