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AI Development

Advancing Imaging AI Development With NVIDIA and Flywheel

Radiologists cut 8 months of processing time leveraging Flywheel and NVIDIA. See how they access millions of images, annotate data efficiently, and train and deploy medical imaging AI models.

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Imaging AI development demands navigating complex, regulated, and scattered data, often consuming up to 80% of data scientists' time. UW-Madison researchers harnessed the power of Flywheel and NVIDIA Healthcare to enhance patient outcomes and reduce manual data processing work from eight months, down to one day.

Leveraging Flywheel and NVIDIA, radiology researchers were able to aggregate and curate 1 million abdominal CT cases. Now, researchers can access diverse datasets, automate tasks seamlessly, annotate data efficiently, train medical imaging AI models, and deploy AI applications. Read the full solution showcase to learn more.