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Automating Workflows in Stanford’s Brain Stimulation Lab

Read how Dr. Azeezat Azeez and her collaborators are using Flywheel to automate research workflows for Stanford Neuromodulation Therapy.

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Researchers in Dr. Nolan Williams’ Brain Stimulation Lab at Stanford are working on a new solution for treatment-resistant depression—a type of brain stimulation called Stanford Neuromodulation Therapy (SNT). SNT’s results are promising—but its data demands are high. 

Read this case study to learn how Dr. Azeezat Azeez and her team are rising to the challenge of managing a massive amount of data to deliver personalized care for patients in need. You’ll read about: 

  • Automating workflows for routine data processing tasks like reconstruction and quality control
  • Developing custom automated tools for the lab’s advanced work in personalizing targets for brain stimulation

  • Daisy-chaining and parallelizing computation processes on the cloud to reduce computation time from days to hours

  • Automating data provenance 

  • What’s next for this innovative research