Webinar: Cloud-Scale COVID-19 AI Research and Collaboration in Radiology

By June 28, 2021February 3rd, 2022Events

Whether you are a digital transformation professional, clinical researcher, or data scientist, effective data management is essential to developing AI software and supporting secure collaboration. In our webinar with Dr. Kathryn Olsen, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, you can learn how researchers are using Flywheel, a data management and collaboration platform, and Imbio, a leading provider of AI solutions, to streamline clinical data collection, enable research collaboration, and accelerate analysis to support discoveries in COVID-19 research.

You can listen to Dr. Olsen describe how she led a blind reader study and curated a valuable chest CT dataset of COVID-19 patients to develop AI-based interpretation. Flywheel’s Dr. Dan Rafter explains how Flywheel helped Dr. Olsen collect imaging and associated data and enabled multi-site collaboration. Dr. Chuck Hatt, Director of Research at Imbio, describes developing pattern analysis and COVID-19 diagnostics. 

To learn how to capture value from your medical imaging data, improve R&D efficiency, and shorten clinical trial timelines, watch our webinar on-demand: 

Webinar: Cloud-Scale COVID-19 AI Research and Collaboration in Radiology

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