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AI Development

Flywheel & Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics | Seamlessly Build Patient Registries and Curate Cohorts

Flywheel's integration with Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics marks a major leap in medical imaging research and AI. This collaboration introduces a seamless workflow where researchers can directly tap into extracted data and insights from radiology reports using mPower to swiftly build detailed patient cohorts. With a simple click, this rich information can be exported to Flywheel Discovery, instantly correlating it with corresponding imaging datasets. This process not only eliminates the complexity traditionally associated with cohort creation but also unlocks a comprehensive perspective by fusing imaging and clinical data. This synergy between Flywheel and mPower empowers researchers and clinicians to pinpoint patient groups with a level of specificity and detail that sets a new standard in the field. It enables more refined study designs and precise hypothesis testing, paving the way for insights into patient outcomes and the efficacy of treatments that can drive breakthroughs in medical research and AI algorithm development.