Build your COVID-19 Research Program with Flywheel and Google Cloud

By June 19, 2020February 3rd, 2022News

Apply for COVID-19 research offers and credits from Flywheel and Google

Flywheel has partnered with Google Cloud to provide special pricing and credits for qualified COVID-19 research projects.   

Flywheel streamlines and accelerates your COVID-19 research program with a comprehensive research data management solution for medical imaging and related non-imaging data. Today, Flywheel works with leading global research institutions to manage their medical imaging data (MR, CT, PET, Ultrasound, and others), clinical data, and associated processing for large-scale academic and clinical research. Flywheel enables data collection and de-identification, secure multi-site collaboration, curation and annotation, preprocessing and pipelines, and analysis deployed Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Flywheel is offering special pricing and credits for qualified projects, including use of Flywheel on Google Cloud at no cost while longer term funding is being established. Flywheel is also offering services to help speed deployment of your project.

Google is also offering credits for qualified COVID-19 researchers. Google Cloud research credits can be used for most computing services on GCP such as storage, compute, and data analysis, including those related to the deployment of Flywheel’s research data management platform.

To apply, interested researchers should describe their research problem, project timeline, and the GCP tools they intend to use. Applicants must be verified researchers from a commercial, nonprofit, government or academic research institution. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply for the Flywheel and Google Cloud Platform offering in this interest form.