“Flywheel is moving us into a new generation.  We’ve drawn significantly more value and insight from every project.  It brings us together across the world and even our own separate labs.  Our research is instantly reproducible.”

Brian Wandell, Ph.D.

“The Flywheel team understands imaging data across all stages and so could help us accelerate our research from acquisition to storage and even into analysis.”

Michael Greicius, MD, Ph.D.
Neurology & Neurological Scientist

“With the complexity of data management in MR research, Flywheel’s data and algorithm platform will greatly accelerate our research efforts and provide organizational structure to our data needs at MBIC. We are looking forward to our collaborations.”

Rainer Goebel, Ph.D.
Psychology & Neuroscience

“Our goal was to capture every piece of data from the newly installed MRI scanners,” said Dr. Vaughan who is also a Zuckerman Institute principal investigator, “and Flywheel allows us to do that without placing the burden on the researcher.”

Dr. Tommy Vaughan, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering & Radiology

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