Flywheel's Powerful Tools

Flywheel is a versatile, customizable platform. Interact with your data on the web or with powerful command-line and scripting utilities.

Web Application

The Flywheel web interface is a full-functioned GUI that gives you the power of the platform at your finger tips. The web app is the interface of choice for most of our user base.

Flywheel CLI

The Flywheel command line interface allows you to interact with the Flywheel system from the command line. Use the CLI to upload & download files, start jobs, build gears, and more.

Flywheel SDK

Software development kits for Python 2 and 3, Matlab, and R provide programmatic access to Flywheel's REST API. Open up a world of possibilities by creating your own software built on top of Flywheel.

Instrument Integration

Flywheel Reaper monitors an instrument or file system for new data intended for Flywheel, then packages, optionally de-identifies, and securely uploads data to a Flywheel server, with an available DICOM receiver.

Flywheel's SDK integrates with Matlab, and Python

Interact with Flywheel's powerful API in a programming language that is familiar to you.