"How can I deliver best in class support for our labs given the increasing complexity in data processing, and demand for collaboration?"

Flywheel Imaging Research Solutions

Core Facilities

Deliver value added services, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

  • Automated DICOM & Raw Data Capture
  • Data Quality Controls
  • Automated Pre-Processing & Pipelines
  • Enable Secure Collaboration
  • Data Archive w/ Search
  • BIDS Curation and Apps
  • Security & Data Privacy

Imaging Research

Improve productivity, secure collaboration, and reproducibility.

  • Metadata Management w/ Search
  • Automated Pre-processing & Pipelines
  • Machine Learning Workflow
  • Customization via APIs, Python, & Matlab
  • Provenance
  • BIDS Support
  • Secure Collaboration

Machine Learning

Streamline machine learning development and testing.

  • Labeling & Classification
  • Image Annotation
  • Manage Training Data Sets
  • Automate Training Workflows
  • Deploy & Test Models
  • Customization via APIs, Python, & Matlab
  • Security & Data Privacy

“Our goal was to capture every piece of data from the newly installed MRI scanners,” said Dr. Vaughan who is also a Zuckerman Institute principal investigator, “and Flywheel allows us to do that without placing the burden on the researcher.”

Dr. Tommy Vaughan, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering & Radiology