Flywheel for Imaging Research

Organize your imaging research data through an advanced data management platform

Flywheel is setting the new standard for imaging research. Flywheel’s data management and collaboration platform drives unmatched productivity, collaboration, and scientific reproducibility while reducing IT and support costs.

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Comprehensive Data Management Platform for Imaging Research

Flywheel is a cloud-based research data platform that streamlines data capture from multiple sources, curates it to common standards, automates processing and machine learning pipelines and provides for secure collaboration with internal and external partners.

Flywheel Imaging Research Solutions

Core Facilities

Deliver value-added services, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

  • Automated DICOM & Raw Data Capture
  • Data Quality Controls
  • Automated Pre-Processing & Pipelines
  • Enable Secure Collaboration
  • Data Archive w/ Search
  • BIDS Curation and Apps
  • Security & Data Privacy

Research Labs

Improve productivity, secure collaboration, and reproducibility.

  • Metadata Management w/ Search
  • Automated Pre-processing & Pipelines
  • Machine Learning Workflow
  • Customization via APIs, Python, & Matlab
  • Provenance
  • BIDS Support
  • Secure Collaboration

Multi-Center Studies

Streamline Data Collection, Processing and Sharing for Multi-Center Studies

  • Secure Sharing & Collaboration
  • De-Identification Workflow
  • IRB-Compliant Projects
  • Research Workflow Automation
  • HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

Transform Your Research Productivity

Increase the efficiency of data capture

Automate data capture from imaging modalities and ensure privacy with integrated de-identification.

Ensure quality, consistency and reproducibility

Automate and scale pre-processing and quality control pipelines.

Easily find and reuse data

All metadata in Flywheel, including image headers and external data, is automatically indexed and immediately available for search.

Integrated BIDS Support

Work seamlessly with BIDS standards. Flywheel offers tools for import, curation, viewing, BIDS apps, and sharing BIDS-curated data. See our webinar on automating BIDS workflows in Flywheel.

Flywheel Gear Exchange

Gears are ready-to-use plug-in applications that automate routine tasks, including metadata extraction, classification, quality assurance, format conversion, and full analytic pipelines. See over 70 plug-in algorithms available on the platform.

Your Strategic Partner for Imaging Research

Flywheel is rapidly becoming the standard for research data management with over 30 research institutions worldwide.


Comprehensive Research Solution

Flywheel supports research workflows with tools for addressing curation, quality, analysis, machine learning, and secure collaboration.

Open Science Architecture

Flywheel has open architecture to suit your research needs and captures all the components of a research project to support reproducibility.

Easy, Secure Collaboration

Collaborate with external research partners using federated security and support for IRB and regulatory compliance.

“Our goal was to capture every piece of data from the newly installed MRI scanners,” said Dr. Vaughan who is also a Zuckerman Institute principal investigator, “and Flywheel allows us to do that without placing the burden on the researcher.”

Dr. Tommy Vaughan, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering & Radiology