"How can I accelerate and scale data curation, quality, and labeling to accelerate my machine learning development?"

Flywheel AI Developer Solutions

Data Capture & Transfer

Streamline data capture and transfer from your research data partners.

  • Imaging Instruments
  • Clinical PACS / VNAs
  • Any Research Data

Curation & Labeling

Ensure dataset consistency with automated data and metadata standardization

  • Organization
  • Standardization
  • Labeling

Visual Image Annotation

Indexed and searchable image labeling and annotation tools

  • Integrated DICOM viewer with ROIs
  • Persistent & Searchable
  • Blind Multi-Reader Studies

Image Processing

Streamline development with automated quality and processing workflows

  • Pre-processing
  • Quality controls
  • Segmentation & advanced pipelines
  • Elastic compute scaling

Machine Learning Workflow

Improve efficiency with a scalable Machine Learning solution

  • Manage training datasets
  • Automate model training
  • Integration with leading ML platforms
  • Provenance to support regulatory approvals

Translational Testing

Accelerate A.I. application deployment with model testing tools

  • Deploy models as gears
  • Automate PACS & instrument integration
  • Test and evaluate new cases for effectiveness
  • Generate reports for clinical evaluation

“Our goal was to capture every piece of data from the newly installed MRI scanners,” said Dr. Vaughan who is also a Zuckerman Institute principal investigator, “and Flywheel allows us to do that without placing the burden on the researcher.”

Dr. Tommy Vaughan, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering & Radiology