"How can I accelerate and scale data curation, quality, and labeling to accelerate my machine learning development?"

Flywheel AI Developer Solutions

Data Capture & Transfer

Streamline data capture and transfer from your research data partners.

  • Imaging Instruments
  • Clinical PACS / VNAs
  • Any Research Data

Curation & Labeling

Ensure dataset consistency with automated data and metadata standardization

  • Organization
  • Standardization
  • Labeling

Visual Image Annotation

Indexed and searchable image labeling and annotation tools

  • Integrated DICOM viewer with ROIs
  • Persistent & Searchable
  • Blind Multi-Reader Studies

Image Processing

Streamline development with automated quality and processing workflows

  • Pre-processing
  • Quality controls
  • Segmentation & advanced pipelines
  • Elastic compute scaling

Machine Learning Workflow

Improve efficiency with a scalable Machine Learning solution

  • Manage training datasets
  • Automate model training
  • Integration with leading ML platforms
  • Provenance to support regulatory approvals

Translational Testing

Accelerate A.I. application deployment with model testing tools

  • Deploy models as gears
  • Automate PACS & instrument integration
  • Test and evaluate new cases for effectiveness
  • Generate reports for clinical evaluation

“We selected Flywheel for our machine learning data management due to their unique strengths in medical imaging and research workflows. With Flywheel we can streamline capture, quality control, and curation of data from our research institution partners enabling us to focus on innovation and development of high-value solutions for our customers.”

Tom Neufelder
Chief Technology Officer, MaxQ