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Publishing is the name of the game for researchers. Yet, in neuroimaging, too much time is spent coping with challenges like data management, complex analytic software, and secure data sharing. Flywheel speeds the path to publishing by allowing researchers to focus on science, not IT.

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Empower & Protect Your Data

Flywheel helps you get the most out of your data with powerful metadata, indexing and search, all securely managed.

Faster, Reproducible Results

Flywheel helps you make the most of your time, speeding data analysis, processes with easy-to-use workflows, job scheduling, parallel computing and a rich library of reusable software components.

Secure Sharing & Collaboration

Flywheel helps you work more productively across teams and locations while helping you satisfy your grant requirements for data sharing and security.

How it Works

Flywheel Lab Edition is designed by researchers for researchers to make your life easier and more productive.

Flywheel’s platform gives you:

  • Automated data capture from MRI and other modalities and data sources
  • Powerful data management and search to help you get the most from your data
  • Scalable analytic processing, reusable software “gears”, and configurable pipelines to help you work faster
  • Secure collaboration across teams and sites
  • A rich web-based UI for ease of use and command line tools for power and flexibility 
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Flywheel and Stanford VistaLab

At Stanford’s VistaLab, Flywheel has given Dr. Brian Wandell and his team the opportunity to achieve new levels of discovery, increase scientific collaboration, and better maximize their available funding all while meeting emerging reporting guidelines for sharing and improving reproducibility.

Read the Stanford VistaLab Case Study

Want help with your next grant?

The Flywheel analysis and collaboration platform for neuroimaging research satisfy many IRB and funding sources’ data collection, protection, and collaboration guidelines and requirements. As you plan your research, include Flywheel in your data management plan with the free grant language.

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