Trent Norris

Chief Revenue Officer

Trent Norris is a highly accomplished Senior Executive specializing in Health and Life Sciences (HLS) technology, with notable expertise in building commercial organizations, partnerships, and product teams. Throughout his distinguished career, Trent has made a name for himself by successfully creating innovative programs, fostering trusted team cultures, and commercializing an array of HLS software, medical devices, and molecular imaging technologies. He has generated and influenced billions of dollars in revenue across healthcare, biopharma, diagnostics, academic, and government sectors, demonstrating his proficiency in strategy, leadership, partnerships, and business development.

Starting his career as a Navy Trauma Medic serving the Marines, Trent gradually ascended to leadership roles in sales and product management, eventually co-founding several HLS start-ups. His tenure at Microsoft Corporation is marked by significant contributions to the company’s HLS engineering and partner organizations, leading to substantial revenue growth through Microsoft Azure and other advanced workload services. In addition, Trent holds advisory roles on various boards, leveraging his expertise to drive business growth and strategic acquisitions. Recognized as an HLS thought leader, he frequently shares his knowledge and insights at industry forums, advisory organizations, and through various publications.