John Dowling

Vice President of Sales

John Dowling is the Vice President of Sales at Flywheel. John is an experienced Life Science Sales/Business Development Executive with a focus on providing relevant solutions to the needs of pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies. Prior to joining Flywheel, he worked at companies such as Genuity Science, GNS Healthcare, Linguamatics/IQVIA, Seven Bridges Genomics, Schrodinger, Accelrys/Biovia, SGI, and Lion Bioscience helping them in the areas of early discovery through commercialization, including work on target discovery, molecular modeling, machine learning with medical images, phenotypic data and genomic data. John’s passion is providing the needed software and solutions to scientists to help them improve healthcare for mankind. John holds a BS in Engineering and a Master’s in Biology from Harvard where he worked with Professor Wally Gilbert on genetics. John is a native of Boston and has raised his family there. He has three black pugs, and is an avid genealogist claiming to be a descendent of the Adams family (as in John and Sam, not Gomez).