Solving Large Scale Medical Imaging AI Problems: Enabling COVID-19 Research at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Dr. John Garrett, Director of Imaging Informatics at the University of Wisconsin Department of Radiology, about the state of machine learning in medical imaging, and his development of AI to diagnose COVID-19 using thousands of chest X-rays collected and curated in Flywheel.

Dr. Garrett discusses the challenges of collecting “ideal data” for machine learning, including: 

  • Assembling data from disparate sources, including PACS, EMR, and radiology dictation software
  • Normalizing and consolidating data from multiple medical centers
  • Ensuring a trained model can be validated by human observers and ground truth  

Dr. Garrett’s presentation is assisted by Brad Genereaux, Medical Imaging Alliance Manager of NVIDIA, who explains how NVIDIA facilitates rapid AI training; and Travis Richardson, Chief Strategist at Flywheel, who overviews Flywheel’s ecosystem for biomedical research collaboration.