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Introducing our new global network for data sharing and analysis. Connect with researchers around the world to browse and share data, identify collaborators for projects, and leverage federated analytics and federated learning to optimize AI development.

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Biomedical researchers in life sciences, clinical, and academic institutions need access to significant amounts of diverse real-world data to develop algorithms and accelerate discovery, but finding high-quality data is a challenge. Flywheel Exchange is an innovative new solution that connects you to data partners and enables federated data sharing and analytics. 

For Researchers, Scientists and Clinicians

Share data and algorithms to: 

  • Help advance healthcare innovation
  • Enhance awareness and reuse of your datasets 
  • Comply with NIH Data Sharing policy
  • Connect with other researchers for collaboration

For Commercial Organizations

Access data to: 

  • Test algorithms on real-world data without the data ever having to move, avoiding concerns with data privacy and security
  • Accelerate the development of new treatments and therapies
  • Develop better trained AI products that improve patient care and outcomes

3 Ways to Leverage Flywheel Exchange

Federated Analytics & Federated Learning

  • Create private projects with collaborators and coordinate execution of projects across different sites
  • Send algorithms to different datasets for testing and training
  • Leverage outside data in a secure, compliant way that reduces cost and complexity
  • Integrate with NVIDIA FLARE, Rhino Health, and other technology partners for federated learning

Data Exchange

  • A catalog of available data, including data from opted-in customers, publicly available datasets, and private data available for purchase
  • Share or license data under agreement; easily publish summaries or full datasets
  • Add data to a federated project, include or exclude projects to create a cohort

Gear Exchange

  • Automate workflows for data curation, preparation and processing with gears—ready to use plug-in algorithms 
  • Create, share, and track data processing pipelines to streamline computational workflows
  • Search for available gears, add gears to a federated project, run gears and process data in a project

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