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Leading imaging centers empower researchers with state-of-the-art tools and convenience while efficiently providing excellent service. Stand out, empower your users, and reduce your costs with a solution that automates it all.

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Build your advantage with Flywheel's powerful data management, automation of routine quality control and format conversions, and unmatched user convenience.

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Give your center a leg-up with state of the art convenience and productivity to drive increased utilization.

Reduce Operational Costs

Provide better support while reducing costs associated with ad hoc IT and data management activities

How It Works

Flywheel Center Edition enables imaging centers to provide a better experience for their users while reducing support cost.

The Flywheel Center Edition gives you:

  • Automated data capture from MRI and other modalities
  • Configurable quality assurance and data conversion pipelines
  • Convenient Web-based Interface for users to retrieve their data
  • Optional data archiving for long term development of data sets
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