Flywheel at CNS Summit 2021: Accelerating Research Collaboration and Powering Machine Learning

By November 2, 2021February 3rd, 2022Events

Flywheel will be exhibiting at the 12th annual CNS Summit in Boston, MA, a conference that brings together researchers from academic and clinical research institutions and drug development leaders. Visit us to see a demo of our cloud-scale research data management and collaboration platform at Booth 22 in the Encore Boston Resort on November 7th and 8th. Sign up for a meeting at the show.

We also invite you to listen to Dr. Can Akgun, Flywheel’s SVP of Business Development, present “​​Accelerating Enterprise-Scale Medical Imaging R&D for Innovation and Discovery”. The presentation will discuss the need for large volumes of multimodal data in R&D and the growing opportunities for academic-corporate partnerships to access real world data. Dr. Akgun will highlight how Flywheel has been used to create training data sets for AI to diagnose COVID-19 and provide a global imaging platform to accelerate a large pharmaceutical organization’s digital transformation strategy. Listen to the presentation and participate in Q&A in the Innovation Showcase session on Tuesday, November 9th, at 11:00am in room Picasso 1-6.

Schedule a meeting to learn how Flywheel is helping research and life sciences organizations accelerate collaboration, enable machine learning, and streamline the massive task of data aggregation, curation and management.