Feature: Radiology-Grade Viewer with Image Annotation

By February 11, 2020March 3rd, 2020Feature Release

Flywheel has made significant upgrades to our native DICOM viewer to meet the needs of radiologists performing safety reads or participating in blind multi-reader studies. The integrated viewer can now load full studies with a simple click of the button at the project and session level. The new work list interface and radiology-grade tools make loading, reading, and annotating cases fast and easy.

Our ROI and annotation tools allow users to efficiently annotate imaging data sets for applications such as machine learning. ROI labels may be customized to meet project-specific needs and ensure that annotations are consistent and standardized. Qualitative summary forms may be created on any project to capture the results of radiology reads in a structured manner, thereby eliminating the need to use an external spreadsheet or similar approach. All ROIs and qualitative summaries are searchable and easily accessible via Data Views and the Flywheel SDKs for subsequent analysis.

Flywheel is also releasing a new WADO (Web Access to DICOM Object) service that allows you to access imaging data through your viewer of choice or integrate with existing DICOM workflows.

Esther Shmagin

Esther Shmagin

Marketing Specialist at Flywheel