CMRR High Field Workshop 2017

By October 6, 2017February 3rd, 2022News, Events

Flywheel is happy to be a silver sponsor of the University of Minnesota’s 2017 Workshop on High and Ultra-high Field Imaging and Training Workshop. This biennial event is organized and hosted by the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR).

Under Dr. Kamil Ugurbil’s leadership, this scientific gathering brings together top researchers from top universities and academic institutions from around the world to disseminate and discuss the technical issues and applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)  and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy(MRS) conducted with high magnetic fields (≥ 3 T). Presentations from experts in the major areas of high field MR research will cover fundamental principles, methodology, and biomedical applications in the brain as well as the other organ systems in the body. The auditorium is standing-room only and simulcasted into spillover rooms in the facility.

The workshop also includes poster sessions and training courses covering topics such as Imaging Methods for the Connectome Projects, High-Field Parallel Transmission and Engineering, and MR Spectroscopy. Click here for a detailed program.

Alongside other sponsors such as Siemens Healthineers, GE Healthcare, Bruker, and skope, we take honor in providing researchers with the tools necessary to move research into the computational age.