ISMRM 2017

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Dear Friends in Research

Flywheel is heading to ISMRM 25th Annual Meeting, and we couldn’t be more excited to sponsor the exhibit and engage with the community.

If you’re looking towards your next grant, now is a great time to learn how Flywheel can help reduce your IT burden by providing a single place to capture, manage, analyze, and collaborate with others. To provide you with as much information as possible, we have created template language to add directly to your grant application. We can also provide a personalized letter of support. All you need to do is talk to us at booth 219 or fill out our letter of support contact form.

There are new platform features we’ve developed to allow researchers even more time to focus on research and not IT. Here is a snapshot on some of them.

  • Project Gear Rules:  Flywheel is introducing Project Level Gear Rules. Project administrators can set up automated tasks that will run when meeting certain criteria. For example, you can run a DICOM to NIfTI conversion Gear every time you upload data to the project with a type of DICOM.
  • Run Gear Configure: Flywheel supports Gears that require configuration parameters at runtime. The platform will render the required fields from the Gear manifest, including recommended default, and allow users to modify the parameters. The values are stored with the analysis after executing the Gear to support provenance and reproducibility.
  • ISMRM-RD: The Flywheel platform now supports the ISMRM-RD format for capturing raw data. Sharing of MRI reconstruction algorithms and code requires a common raw data format. Flywheel accomplishes this with a combination of modality-specific Connectors and converter Gears. For more on ISMRM-RD, visit GitHub.
  • Authentication: Flywheel expanded external authentication providers to include LDAP and WeChat. This feature is in addition to the Google login as the Flywheel default authentication provider.  The platform can be configured to authenticate strictly with a single authentication provider or allow for mixed-mode authentication.
  • Project Dashboard: Reading about it won’t do it justice. Come and see the new and improved dashboard at booth 219.
Schedule time to discuss the platform in-depth.

When you stop by our booth, don’t forget to inquire about our annual Flywheel Night. All you need for admittance is a ticket from our team. This year we will be hosting free drinks and appetizers at the MW Restaurant which is only a nine-minute walk from the convention center.

See you in Honolulu!